1. To provide medical facilities to the needy people through Medical Relief Centers, camps and dispensaries to provide medical relief for the people suffering from Cancer or for the reception and treatment of persons during rehabilitation. However the Society will exist solely for philanthropic purposes and not for the motive of profit.
  2. To work for social services and for the welfare of humanity and to provide selfless service to all people without distinction of caste, creed, sex or religion.
  3. To follow the path laid down by Bhai Ghanaiya Ji who provided medical aid and help to ailing persons without distinction of caste, creed, sex or religion.
  4. To arrange and establish medical Camps and to provide first aid to the ailing persons.
  5. To open the dispensaries or Laboratories to provide medical facility.
  6. To arrange for medical aid at various functions, gatherings, get-togethers and in public meetings.
  7. To meet the above objectives, land & building at any suitable place/s may be obtained, acquired or taken on lease or on hire.
  8. To do all such activities which are necessary to meet the above objectives of the Society.
  9. To propagate donation of Blood, Eyes or other organs.